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Voter Reference Foundation today added 2020 voter registration data from West Virginia into the searchable database at

West Virginia joins Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin in addition to the District of Columbia.

Voter Reference Foundation contacted the West Virginia Secretary of State to verify our findings and the SOS officials and staff graciously talked through the data with the Voter Reference Foundation team, making sure our methodology was accurate.

State election officials rely on data provided to them by county election divisions and as reporting systems improve the data will continue to get better. The willingness of the officials and staff of the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office to discuss, and even commend, some of our findings highlights West Virginia’s commitment to election transparency and integrity. Investigating anomalies in the data is something the WV SOS actively incorporates into their election review process, and they have also recently upgraded their voter registration system, a strong step to keep their voter rolls as accurate as possible and provide more tools to improve recordkeeping. The officials and staff in the WV SOS office exemplify openness and transparency and we are grateful for their time. is a permanent reference source where the voter rolls and other tools will be stored and updated for review with each election. Those who access the website can search by name or address for registered voters. They also will be able to examine voter histories — a list of elections that voters participated in, as well as other important election data obtained via official sources.  

  The VRF was created by Restoration Action, an educational 501c4 organization founded by West Point graduate and successful entrepreneur Doug Truax. A former U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, Truax is deeply interested in election integrity, as expressed in this 2021 op-ed in American Greatness and 2022 follow-up op-ed in Real Clear Politics.