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The voter data available on voteref now shows all the information about Iowa voters who cast a ballot in the 2022 election. You are able to check where the voter was registered for the election as well as the method of voting they used. The voteref Iowa data is very robust and includes information like full address, date of birth, registered county and precinct, party affiliation and more.

As part of publishing this data, the Voter Reference Foundation was able to perform an analysis to compare the amount of ballots cast in the election as reported by state election officials, to the number of voters who received credit for voting in the official voter data. Statewide there was a net discrepancy of 10,268, representing that there were more ballots reportedly cast than represented in the voter data. This number represents a discrepancy of just under 1% which is good compared to some other states, but overall still represents a significant discrepancy that should be improved upon in future elections.