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Early voting in Ohio sprints ahead of 2022

Early voting in Ohio began on July 11, 2023, and has already surpassed the total numbers from the 2022 August Primary election last year. Statistics provided by the Ohio Secretary of state shows 155,183 ballots have been received as of July 21st. Looking back at the 2022 August election, only 29,702 ballots had been returned by the end of the second week of early voting. This represents a 422% increase from last year.

These numbers are likely to continue to outpace last year’s totals as the early voting deadline approaches. Halfway through the early voting period, the number of ballots cast so-far has surpassed the total early ballots cast in the 2022 August election by 8% (142,989).

For those interested in specific Ohio early voting data, The Voter Reference Foundation Absentee Ballot Tracker tool provides State, County, and Precinct level views of ballot return data for Ohio, as well as exportable data to track individual returns.

If you are an Ohio resident registered to vote, the last day to submit an absentee ballot application is Tuesday August 1, 2023. Voters who would like to cast their ballot early in-person can find information here: Early Voting – Ohio Secretary of State (