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Confidence Scores – How Scores are Calculated

The Confidence score is a visual representation of specific policies and procedures related to election operations and how those policies and procedures impact voters’ confidence in the elections process.

There are 10 core items that have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on a voter’s confidence. The total of these scores represents our view of how much overall confidence a voter might have in each state. Higher confidence means less controversy, higher participation, and more faith in the overall election process.

Rating Scale







Less Voter Confidence
Rating Scale
More Voter Confidence

State Confidence Score


Voting Days

0-46 days -1, Election Day +1

Absentee Voting

No Excuse -1, Excuse Required +1

Same Day Voter Registration

Yes -1, Yes, for Pres and VP 0, No +1

Automatic Voter Registration

Yes -1, No +1

In-Person Voter ID

No -1, Non-Photo ID 0, Government-Issued Photo ID +1

Absentee Voter ID

No -1, Signature/Signature Match 0, Photo ID or Witness +1

Ballot Collection

Yes -1, No +1

All Mail

Yes -1, No +1

Participation in ERIC

Yes -1, No +1

Drop Boxes

Yes -1, No +1

How does your state score?