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Voter Reference Foundation joins a coalition of grassroots and public policy organizations in a letter to Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu expressing opposition to Senate Bill 528 and Assembly Bill 563. If adopted, these policies would implement a complex and confusing Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) system for Wisconsin primary elections. RCV, or “Jungle” style primary elections make voting more difficult, confusing, and reduce transparency, lowering voter confidence.

Quote from Executive Director Gina Swoboda: “Ranked Choice Voting confuses voters and disenfranchises our most vulnerable voters, seniors and new voters. It has been a disastrous experiment that has failed and the voters of the state of Wisconsin deserve better.”

View the Election Transparency Press release HERE.

A copy of the letter in PDF form can be found HERE



About Voter Reference Foundation and

Voter Reference Foundation was created by Restoration Action, an educational 501c4 organization founded by West Point graduate and successful entrepreneur Doug Truax. A former U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, Truax is deeply interested in election integrity, as expressed in this 2021 op-ed in American Greatness and 2022 follow-up op-ed in Real Clear Politics. is a permanent reference source where the voter rolls will be stored and updated for review with each election. Those who access the website can search by name or address for registered voters. They also will be able to examine voter histories — a list of elections that voters participated in, as well as other important election data obtained via official sources.