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The following is a response by Voter Reference Foundation to the ProPublica story today on us.

The leftwing activists at ProPublica epically indicted themselves with their cartoonishly headlined smear piece on us.

Four months ago, two things began simultaneously: Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman began exploring evidence of election irregularities in 2020 in Wisconsin. And, ProPublica, headed by reporter Megan O’Matz, “who covers issues out of Wisconsin,” began investigating Voter Reference Foundation, an Illinois organization, for simply publishing public voter roll records online at

Kind of like a police officer ignoring a murder in progress 20 yards away in favor of looking into a “suspicious vehicle” 7 miles away.

We say this because ProPublica self-proclaims to perform high-minded, important journalism “to expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions.”

At the time ProPublica chose to investigate us, it was publicly known that Mark Zuckerberg had spread nearly half-a-billion dollars to election offices in crucial 2020 swing states. That money resulted in Democrat operatives in essence running elections in crucial areas. Nowhere was this more evident than in Wisconsin, particularly Green Bay.

This has never happened before in American history — third-party partisans taking over our elections. Imagine if NRA money resulted in NRA operatives running elections in key suburbs! Apparently, this topic was not considered worthy of further investigation by the “high-impact journalists” at ProPublica.

The four months have passed and both reports have concluded. Retired Supreme Court Justice Gableman found massive problems in the 2020 election, identifying dozens of potential crimes, and recommending a decertification of the results. ProPublica’s report concluded that transparency of election records is dark and ominous if conducted by conservative Americans, or something. This is beyond ironic. Just months ago, ProPublica was deeply proud of its publication of private income tax records. Now, it is trying to explain why publishing public records is bad.

If you search the ProPublica website for Gableman, his report, or any of the other documented vote fraud issues in Wisconsin, you’ll come up empty. The reporter “who covers issues out of Wisconsin” apparently is not really interested in issues out of Wisconsin unless they meant issues “outside” of Wisconsin.

We have another clue from the public records. We have looked at the reporter’s voting record and her party affiliation won’t surprise anyone.

What does surprise us is ProPublica still pretends to be performing journalism. The imposters who preside there don’t fool us and shouldn’t fool you.