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The Maricopa County Republican Chairman has reported that one of two ballot dropboxes in the county was not properly surveilled during the primary. When footage from the dropbox was requested, Maricopa County acknowledged that due to an error the video was livestreaming only and was not recorded. Recording began the day after the county chairman requested the video. What will it take to properly secure these dropboxes? VRF believes there should be manned dropboxes only, with staff from the two major parties stationed at the box the entire time it is open. AZ State Representative Jake Hoffman ran a bill to do just that, HB 2238, but it died in the AZ Senate last session. During the litigation brought by AG Brnovich over the lack of a 2022 Elections Procedures Manual, Yavapai County Superior Court Judge John Napper opined that unmanned dropboxes were unlawful under current law

… Napper sided with Brnovich on a rule that allowed unmonitored ballot drop boxes, saying that seemed clearly outside of what the law required…

MCRC Press Release below: